Recreational Court Surfaces

High-quality outdoor recreational court services.

Whether it’s for your community, school, or club, a new tennis or pickleball court is a big investment. Cords Park Mark has been building courts for decades, and we’ve built our reputation on quality and customer satisfaction. We know the ins and outs of building courts, and we are committed to delivering an outstanding product that will provide enjoyment and competition for years to come.

We use high-quality, durable California Sports Surfaces products, including Plexipave®, Acrylotex®, and Plexitrac®, which offer advanced cushioning and comfort for athletic enjoyment and performance.

Our clients include municipalities, communities, schools, and private homeowners or clubs. We work closely with Tennis Manitoba on new tennis courts that are being built in the province, and we also resurface older courts to renew their playability for future generations.

In addition to tennis, we also design, build, and install pickleball courts, basketball courts, and running tracks.


Tennis Courts    

After many decades of building asphalt tennis courts, Cord’s Park Mark has earned the reputation of being Manitoba’s go-to installers for tennis court surfaces. We are experts in all aspects of court building. We can advise you on your site layout, then complete the entire process, from designing through construction, right up to applying the coatings and game lines and installing the nets.


Pickleball Courts

Pickleball is on the rise, and we have transitioned smoothly into designing and building pickleball courts, since our tennis expertise can easily be translated to this popular new sport. Whether you are looking to build a brand-new pickleball court, repurpose a former tennis court for pickleball, or draw additional pickleball lines on a current tennis court, call Cord’s Park Mark.


Basketball Courts & Running Tracks

We’ve got plenty of experience in building other types of recreational surfaces, including basketball courts and running tracks. And we’ve painted lines on hundreds of tracks; running track and basketball court line painting should be done every eight to ten years.


Court Resurfacing & Line Painting

Although hard surface tennis courts are quite low maintenance, they should be resurfaced approximately every five to eight years. The Cord’s Park Mark team will be happy to handle your tennis court resurfacing project, and we will refresh the line painting at the same time.

Tennis Court Equipment & Accessories

We carry a wide range of tennis, volleyball and basketball court accessories (posts, nets, ball machines and more) at various price points. Though our prices are comparable to what you will find online, we are right in Winnipeg and more than happy to supply our community with these products. Check out Court Products & Accessories to see what we carry.