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Classic Club Goals

  • Front face is 3″ round custom aluminum
  • Available in white or natural aluminum
  • Backstays are 2″ round heavy alum tubing
  • Meets NFSHSA Spec
  • Built In net clip track
  • Includes 4 mm White Net, Net Clips & anchors
  • Easy to move

Goal Sizes Available:

  • 8’H X 24’W X 3’D X 8.5’B
  • 7’H X 21’W X 3’D X 7.5’B
  • 6.5’H X 18.5’W X 2’D X 7’B
  • 6.5’H X 12’W X 2’D X 7’B
  • 4.5’H X 9’W X 2’D X 4.5’B
  • 4’H X 6’W X 2’D X 4’B

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